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Terms & Conditions

Ethical Refund Policy

(No wind-No pay)

We REFUND ALL UNUSED hours at corresponding value of what was made, based on existing packages (2, 6 or 12 hours)

Example: You book 6 hours course but could only make 2 hours, we charge for the 2 hours package, 130€.

If no hours are made we’ll keep only a small 25€ management fee.

Alternatively, in order to keep the package hourly value, we can keep remaining hours in credit to use within 12 months.


Booking & Payment

15% deductable deposit with non refundable 25€ management fee, in case no hours are used, due to no wind.
The remaining payment is to be made 5 days before the class date and all non used lessons, only due to no wind, will be fully refunded.

All classes are valid for 3 months except for consistently not having wind conditions.

The next classes are usually scheduled in the end of the lesson or until the end of that day.


General Conditions instructors are internationally and nationally certified and with several years of proved experience around the world with different conditions.

We fully comply with all national legal demands and certifications by IPDJ and FPV.

The client must commit to follow the instructors indications on where to be and what or how to do things. Not respecting this instructions can lead to finish the class immediately without any refund. Gustykite will not take charge and our insurances will not cover any damages to your or others if this commitment is not respected.

Gustykite provides all the necessary technical gear (except wetsuit): appropriate size and shape of kite, board and harness and security gear (impact vest, helmet and safety systems).

Student agrees on wearing all the safety gear and any other things the instructors recommends. Deciding not to use these is solely decided by the client and insurances are not valid.


Cancelation & No Shows

The lesson is considered as taken if client does not show 15 minutes after scheduled time. No refund is due and reschedule will go to end of booking line.

No cancellations are allowed except serious certified and proved health or security issues were we can find a balanced refund solution based on the reason and time in advance.

Lost of any gear implies paying 75% of retail price.


  • Experienced & Certified Intructors
  • Gear, Legal Insurances & Certification
  • We Teach All Levels
  • Ethical Refund Policy: No Wind, No Pay
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